Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pioneering Technological Interventions

With a 20+ year background in computer hardware, software and artificial intelligence, I enjoy using, reviewing and giving feedback on OT interventions that make use of technology. The process can be quite frustrating when products have unexpected quirks: software that doesn't work, technical manuals that are poorly written, and bugs that affect my clients. But overall, the process is a good one. Products like Interactive Metronome, Neuro Core:Tx, Samonas and Therapeutic Listening help my clients make speedier progress on their goals. My challenge is finding the "just the right challenge" for them. I want them to go slow enough that they can integrate the growth. Going too fast can produce side-effects such as sore muscles, act-out behaviors, headaches and emotional melt-downs. Going at the right speed can help them make gains over their entire being as the senses, brain and body all process the changes together.

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