Friday, October 31, 2008

Intro to Brain Tune-Ups

What is a brain tune-up?
It's the use of technology to improve brain performance as it relates to thinking, motivation, motor movement, communication, emotions, social interactions and ability to stay stress-free.

How is it done?
Tools such as Interactive Metronome, Samonas, Therapeutic Listening, EMDR, bio-feedback, stress-reducers are used therapeutically to help the brain perform better. The tools may affect brain timing, auditory processing, visual processing, as well as the shape of brain waveforms. This tuning is done precisely and gently by clapping to rhythms with feedback, listening to music, etc.

So what is this blog about?
I'll review brain therapy products, pass along the latest research and share my experience using these technologies. I'll also share comments from those who write to me about their experiences.