Thursday, November 20, 2008

Involuntary Momevent

I am seeing a client who has a tic that starts at her mid-section and thrusts her head and shoulders outward a few inches. In addition, she constantly touches things, is emotionally volatile and obsesses over having her way. Did I say that these symptoms were compounded by teenage hormones? Not an easy state for a pretty girl.

We had talked about sound therapy and Interactive Metronome (IM). I knew that IM would help with the sensory issues and eventually decrease a lot of the associated anxiety. I know of an IM provider who has Tourettes Syndrome who regularly keeps his symptoms at bay with IM. I wanted to try this approach with my client, but I was worried that the intensity of IM would cause an increase in her obsessive behaviors.

So why not use sound therapy... it would improve overall self-regulation and help her find calm. However, I've seen some amount of passive behaviors with sound therapy. I didn't want her self-esteem to take a nose dive, and really complicate things.

Finally, I suggested to the parents that we do both. And they agreed. Within a couple of weeks, the body tic has substantially diminished. Her overall home behaviors have improved and both parents are beaming. We completed the IM program, and still have a 6 weeks remaining on the sound therapy. My plan is to give her a quick shot of IM every 2 weeks to bolster the initial gains. I'll update more on this later.

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